Ideas Are Scary

The most dangerous phrase known to mankind?… “But it’s always been done that way”… 

Ideas are scary. But ideas point the way. Don’t shy away from bucking the trend, hitting criticism square in the face and challenging “the norm”.

It’s the only way we progress…


#Ad in focus: pretty damn bold from #KitKat!

Love it!

Bissel Subway Stunt

I don’t care how great your steam cleaner is Ravi Dalchand, Senior Brand Manager for Bissel Canada, that is just plain gross. Really.

(it is good though - I have one!… but still…)

Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work

Don’t be the richest guy in the graveyard. A great and thoughtful 10 minute talk from Nigel Marsh, exploring the thorny issue of work life balance.

Epic, EPIC Win for PMK•BNC and Audi

The boys are back in town.

Nuff said.

35 Things To Let Go Of Before Your Next Birthday


Make your life spectacular.


Because this is like totally normal…

(from Partners & Spade for Normal)

Here’s to the crazy ones.


Native Advertising

John Oliver’s not a fan… :D

I’ll just leave this here…

Written and directed by Penelope Cruz.

L’Agent by AP Autumn Winter 2014 Campaign Video

TD Bank’s Thanking Machine

A few special thank you’s, a few million views on YouTube. Great, heart-warming bit of marketing from TD Bank of Canada. 

The Slender Vender

Ogilvy & Mather Paris slim down the vending machine for Diet Coke. Nice work.

Ford Explorer Parking Assist Optical Illusion

Nice to see an old-fashioned optical illusion being used in a print ad - courtesy of BBR Saatachi & Saatchi for Ford.